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Peace NS,

I think you missed what i wanted to say, what do you mean by a historical evidence when most theologians say these are weak stories of Jesus' rising from the dead? why do you put your trust in hearsay? and even if Jesus rose from the dead, would that make him a god? or wouldn't it be God who raised him from the dead?

I have a physical proof for you, a proof that makes you a literal eyewitness on all the facts detailed in Quran, no longer do you have to have doubts, the physical proof (which is lost in the Gospel) proves to you incontrovertibly that the Quranic account is the truth from your Lord, so now the choice is yours, either to continue a circular argument with me or go and verify the physical evidence of the devine authorship of Quran.

feel free to check my introduction to the miracle of 19 here:

and also look fro appendix 1 of the authorized english translation of Quran by Rashad Khalifa which is available on many websites.

That's if you really care about the truth.
God\'s alternative, USN

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