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Default Re: Catholic Disgrace

Hermetic astrologers use a margin or orb of one degree, meaning that the alignment can be used if it is up to one degree or four minutes out of synch of an exact alignment.

So looking at the fix of sunrise, this can occur on four dates when looking at a Sirius alignment, examples below:-

Sun rising with the Sun.

Sun rising while Sirius is culminating in centre of sky.

Sun rising while Sirius is setting along the curve of the Earth in the West at location

Sun rising while Sirius is on the Nadir, the opposite to being in the centre of the sky above you.

In the next thread section i'm looking at the Sun rising while Sirius culminates in the centre of the sky in regards to the date of the Vatican Obelisk finishing date in its present position outside the front door of the Vatican.
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