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I would just like to say I found out about this new world order by accident. One day I was on the Internet and trying to deal with some issues and I did a search on Ďpolice corruptioní. I hit on a bit of an alternative site and one thing lead to another and my ideas about how the world works have never been the same since.

So what a great thing the internet is, I mean I have known all my life that I have been lied to by the system but it all fits together now and in fact I feel a lot better knowing the truth. I do try and help as many people as possible know about what is going on and for quite a while now I have been a regular contributor to

This is the news forum for our national TV broadcaster and it has wizened up a bit since I have been making some contributions. My user name on it is Baron von Lotsov hence the abbreviation BvL (because it wouldnít fit otherwise). So I find it good to get the word out to ordinary people, otherwise itís a bit like preaching to the converted. However the powers that be can be heavy on the delete key when topics tread on the wrong system toes, so this looks like a good place where we can talk.

I think Henry Makows site is probably one of the best for regular news on what is going on so thatís really why I am here. I have benefited a lot from the articles on feminism and it has really opened my eyes. To be honest itís surprising that there are few others who have caught on to this insidious plan. Maybe because everyone copyís everyone else and quite frankly thatís how disinformation spreads. Henry on the other hand does use his own head and that must be commended. I donít see the same errors copied on his site. Itís not all Bush, but then you knew that!
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