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Default Ahmad...

Peace Ahmad..

Most theologians? modern liberal theologians might say that, but a fringe radical sect is not what I would consider most. when I say historical evidence I don't mean theologians but textual historians, people who can verify that the text has not been changed, I mean Christian and Secular historians that confirm the story directly and indirectly, and the historical rise of the movement from a sect of Jews, with no motivation for starting a new religion as they were already under covenant with God.
donít assume what I mean Ahmad ask me and I will tell you.
If Jesus claimed to be God, and rose from the dead that would indeed make him God, and Jesus did indeed claimed he was God, that's why he was crucified the charge was blasphemy: because you a mere man make yourself to be God.
The scriptures have fulfilled prophecy and numerous numerical miracles,
Like the genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew in Greek;

The number of words are divisible by seven, evenly.
The number of letters are divisible by seven evenly.
The number of vowels and the number of consonants are also divisible by seven.
The number of words that begin with a vowel are divisible by seven.
The number of words that begin with a consonant are divisible by seven.
The number of words that appear more than once are divisible by seven.
That occur in more than one form are divisible by seven.
That occur in only one form are divisible by seven.
The number of nouns are divisible by seven.
Only seven words are not nouns.
The number of names is divisible by seven.
There are only seven other kinds of nouns.
The number of male names is divisible by seven.
The number of generations is divisible by seven.

But the truth is this in itself proves nothing, but a resurrection does.
And you my friend as I have shown is the one arguing in circles, the truth is the Quran claims the Christian scriptures and the Hebrew scriptures are changed and corrupt. But historians claim that the text is preserved to a unusually high standard, someone is wrong.
You believe this because the Quran with no independent verification says so, I have historical verification and a resurrection.
Be honest with the evidence just investigate from a historical standard if the Christian text has been changed, if they haven't, the Christian text came before the Quran and the Quran is blaspheming the revelation of God.

If you really want truth try that.....
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