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Default Re: CONFIRMED: Hunter Thompson WAS To Xpose 9/11WTC Explosives And PedophileSexRings

One more thought re 911.

As far as I'm concerned, there could be no survivors in the aircraft so explosives had to exist either inside the buildings or on the jets.

Could they risk passengers coming forward with recollection of what occured inside the aircraft? NO!!

So, was the plane in Pennsylvania shot down for that purpose?

They pay terrorist's families big bucks to do their dirty work for them and these men and women appear to be martyrs for their own cause and hatred of America.

911 was in the planning stages for decades. Remote controlled from the ground. I'm sorry, I just don't believe the terrorists learned how to fly jumbo jets at that tiny aviation field in Florida.

The jets flew with percision and hit their targets with accuracy.

Perfectly planned and staged except for the one jet that went astray.

Isn't this how they conduct and orchestrate all of their events?

Without a hitch. An investigation. Close the book!!

Keep the truth hidden from us. Disinformation agents out there spreading different theories, etc. just like the JFK assassination.

There is no better way to create PTSD in a society then to subject them to traumatic events such as JFK and the Twin Towers; capture it live and play it over and over again.

With PTSD comes various psychological changes. Anxiety, etc.

This, too, was studied in their mind control programs on unwitting citizens as well as the effect of planting "disinformation" in their brains while under stress, drugs, hypnosis, etc.
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