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I hope moderators will make an exception here and not ban me.

All moderators of this forum don't like links to other forums as they have different rules.

However i've just finished writing on the B.B.C. and the Open University Forums that have some of the strongest rules over thread sections, all are viewed before they are put on thread, no bad language etc.

Masons like to post on this forum because it looks like they can say we are all don't have a brain!

No one has a answer to my way of interpretation, so why don't i write it all out again on this forum?

I don't want sympathy but i'm very badly dis-abled and tapping out print is very painful and difficult for me.

I hope Moderators will allow a link to another forum that explains time.

The B.B.C. don't have downloads to astronomy pictures but this does, so if you want them please ask!

I start writing under the name "monk" on thread section #9 on page 1, please change page at bottom, there are several pages!

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