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Default Re: Jack Layton for Prime Minister?

I'd be all for it fellow Canuck. However they are all on the same side NWO-wise. I've read a biography of Tommy Douglas, the only good and honest politician. He was very careful to keep the Communists out of the farmer based CCF social justice movement 70 years ago. As a sitting politician he confided that it would be very easy for him to have women or monetary kickbacks. It's worth noting that Queen Elizabeth called Douglas "uncorruptable". Douglas entered politics as a former clergyman, had great success making a dirt poor agricultural province solvent with surpluses. He could only have done that because he was uncorruptable. He was a man of God.

I don't know much about Layton except his grandfather? was a minister for the Conservatives, but I doubt he is a Tommy Douglas.

You bring up a good point that is worth restating about how we cast ballots in Canada. In comparison to the USA, we use a system that is cheap, quick, and corruption proof. It is paper ballots with volunteer scrutineers from the major parties at each polling station. The volunteers are free, the results are known the same day of the election..., and it's impossible to rig. So you can see why the American computer voting system is so heavily pushed.
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