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Default Re: kerry please read this will you

there is no inside job or cover up in 9/11. there was jets that hit the buildings. there were thousands of witnesses in new york including me who saw the whole thing. first the insade job sccandle created by stupid users in forums and websites. like that dumb 2012.. then they added a coverup conspiracy to the inside job BS. now there saying there were no jets that hit the buildings you know why?.. to upscale this inside job and coveruo bull s--t the funne part is these needle noses are maybe 1000 miles away from new york and they say they know more of what we seen with our own eyes.. the other one says i use my beliefe in god at people. whats that a new conspiracy for all i know they can be terrorist suporters or muslems in cells waiting for our backs to be at them. as for the reason they make up these conspiracys that stick like dirty toylet paper is to downgrade 9/11 so they can say that this war on terror is wrong and that it dident constitute a war.
but they are to late with there properganda. there ar not many terrorist left to hold up and rob a gum machine.. iragh is free of them now so is afgan. and we are just begining. islamic terrorist will be wiped off the face of the earth as well as there radicle islam. the solders out there in the east one sead.. bring them on and well send them to allah. so this propaganda game these punks are playing on the net no one even knows its there and those that see it just brush it off as idiots with nuthing to do. the world in real life knows there was no inside job or coverup and there were jets that attacked the wtc. and not to many people are loining forums to see that bullcrap. so there gane is going by with very little notice.. so take your conspiracys you made up from the unused part of your braines and do what you want with them no one is intristed except those in the internet that made them up. and thats as far as those dumb lies are going to go.

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