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Default Re: ID cards- another State power grab

Nazi, fascist, communist, dictator pigs!!

A TOTALITARIAN government is what they desire!!

They needed a terrorist attack of great magnitude to lead us into a society of total domination and control.

The communist threat has always been here in America. Hiding under our desks as a children we were traumatized and now they've traumatized another generation with 911. As if JFK wasn't enough; Martin Luther, too.

The Patriot Act, I'm sure, was written long ago by members of the PNAC.

These men plan their operations decades in advance.

Implementing controls over our lives and the ability to search and seize without court order. Searching us at airports. In other words, we are all terrorists until proven otherwise. Stripping us of our power. Making us line up like sheep.

Our rights, our freedoms are being destroyed little by little and what the hell is the Senate doing about it? Nothing because they've all been blackmailed.

MKULTRA/Project Monarch, one of the mechanisms used to create control files on those in positions of power. A blackmail tool using children in this "cult" for these men's sexual deviant behavior. Drugging them, taking pictures. Senate seats for life. Vote for it or we'll make it public.

A world controlled by a "satanic cult." Oh, sure, the people say!!

Satanic cults don't exist. Why then do children report being the victims of one Michael Aquino, leader and master programmer of the Temple of Set and Project Monarch. Ex-Green Beret!!

The Franklin cover-up.

The people in this country are asleep!! Put to sleep long ago.

Wake up America!!!
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