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Default Re: Saddam and the US

"Distraction" is key. Their tool of choice. They have perfected iti into an art form.

However, I do believe that the Iraq war was waged so that they could control the oil fields, bomb, award contracts to themselves, rebuild.

If they keep us in a state of anxiety and fear over the war, they are free advance their agenda.

Otherwise, I don't see how you believe the Iraq war was waged as a distraction tool.

MANIPULATION through mind control!!

Distraction, deceit, destruction, disinformation!!

It's about power and greed. They do not care if American soldiers are killed for their cause. They don't care who they kill to advance their cause. Our soldiers are "killing machines" for the Military Industrial Complex."

Again, brainwashed to believe that our soldiers are fighting for American freedom. BS!! It is not the job of our military to free people in other countries. IT is the job of our military to first and foremost protect America from imminent threat and danger or enemy invasion, hostile takeover.

The hostile takeover happened long ago on our soil.

We will soon be living under military rule!! Dissenters will be thrown into concentration camps.

America, the most powerful military in the world could not protect the citizens of her country on 911.

Go figure!!
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