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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

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Originally Posted by Out of the Box
They played an increasing role in Western society from the Renaissance onwards and today dominate it entirely

Not coincidentally, this was the era Western-European Jews were the least powerful. As the Jews increased their power the Catholic Church gradually lost its power.

Today, they control all of Western civilisation and significant parts of the rest of the world. Their number may be small but that doesn't mean a thing. All it takes to run the world is to take key positions in finance, politics and various fields of industry and Jews have been very succesful in that.
The Jews had nothing really to do with this ongoing controversial issue.
Scientific research leaves no doubt about the fact that they played not just a significant role but a key role. Numerous works have been published pointing out this fact, referencing Jewish, Zionist, Arab, Catholic, Christian-Orthodox, Communist, Conservative, Anarchist and various other perspectives throughout history. A work I found expecially interesting was Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique", using almost entirely Jewish sources to point out their importance in 20th century socio-political changes.
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