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Default Re: Saddam and the US

Hostile Takeover While Standing-Down ??? :-o :-o :-o

BlueAngel, I couldn’t agree w/ you more. You hit it right on it’s face…

We can allow the most blatantly disturbing attack against all of our age-old ideals, principles, & metropolis, w/o a rational response of any kind, except to make sure we got it on film.

Thereafter, the only defense we exercise is that of making sure that we “secretly” fly-out everyone that could be possibly linked in any way shape or form, & out of the country, without any questioning or checks of any kind. We then pass the strictest legal act (& ironically labeled “patriotic”) by any standards, against “all” of our civil freedoms w/ the excuse that we have to be tough on “terrorism.” But only, if you consider a “Stand-Down” a tough measure. Ok,…

So, we know,
We can destroy other countries, & regimes.
We can pump foreign oil fields into “privately owned” pipe-lines.
We can turn our economy from an “it-could-be-better” economy, into an “it-can’t-get-any-worse” one.
We can destabilize the American job base, in less than 3 years, all the way down from the middle-class.
We can in-turn destabilize the economy of every working American & just report the percentage of those collecting unemployment checks (unemployment rate), while ignoring the rest of millions that can neither continue collecting a check, nor find another job or suitable one (the unknown American worker – unlike the unknown soldier - that we make sure we celebrate specially if they are from another country). However, we make sure that we enact laws by which we can give our jobs away to everybody else that is “Not-an-American” – w/o regard to which country or nationality.
We can undeniably ruin the educational system in America.
We can indefinitely send billions & trillions of dollars to Israel, including the latest in overly-expensive & sophisticated military weaponry. In addition, we give them loans, forgive their repayment, & the cycle goes on, & on, & on…
We can tax Americans beyond bankruptcy & then deny them from declaring legal bankruptcy.
We can pretend everything is fine.
We can even have talk shows talk about all the good, now that Saddam is in custody, while ignoring everything else that we know is destroying our way of life “now”, here at home for US, our children, & their descendants.

What a pity. And all thanks to the “Taxman”.

As for the title of this thread, truebeliever”, & can understand (by the way you present it) the irony of the situation, however, 2 wrongs don’t make a right (& I am not trying to correct you, I am just thinking out loud). If our soldiers were protecting our land from tyranny instead of Saddam’s, they wouldn’t be dying over there, & all of US would be doing a “hell” of a lot better – ironically.
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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