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Default Re: we dont even exist !!

Originally Posted by mr_starfire View Post

only consciousness exists and consciousnesnes is linked to (the field)
therefor if a person could learn to use there consciousnes rather than there brain theye could shape the world to there needs they could actualy change the shape of solid objects because the field is the framework of all solid objects and the field can be moulded by our consciousnes
I don't think anyone is trying to make you look stupid. We are all stupid to some degree.

I won't spend my days following some-one's delusion that we can mold solid objects simply by our consciousness. If that were the case, then the OT miracles would no longer be miracles to us because we would be producing them minute by minute.

Try turning your newspaper into dollar bills with your consciousness. It won't happen and you can drive yourself crazy thinking it will.

If you really want to investigate a mystery, delve into the mathematics of timewave zero. It's never been debunked by physicists, Mathematicians, etc.

The Mathematics of Timewave Zero
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