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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

It is vitally important and imperative to acknowledge the fact that there exists a critical battle between two very powerful, yet diametrically opposed forces. It is valid that one of these forces is absolute and consummate evil, and it is referred to as the "illuminati." The chief danger of this nefarious organization mainly consists in its "methodologies" or "apparatuses." I will argue that the most dangerous and formidable of these is undoubtedly the "entertainment industry," due in large part to its significant capacity to substantially brainwash and/or condition the mass population. However, it must be noted throughout all of this that the "illuminati" themselves do not actively appear and/or engage in the "entertainment industry" themselves. Instead, they utilize certain "figureheads" or "utilities," if you will. I will also argue that, by far, the most malignant of these machinations or creatures is, without question, referred to as "Christina Aguilera" or its pseudonym "x-tina." This "thing" is purely EVIL, and it MUST BE DESTROYED.
There are truly two levels to this conflict or battle, if you will, and the demarcation between them is clearly evident. However, it is extremely and almost imperceptibly subtle. That is, it is quite difficult to detect, but it can be detected, if one is aware of how to search for it. I strongly urge others to research any and/or all videos which encapsulate the appearance and/or activities of this "x-tina." I recommend that others do this for serious analysis. I shall cite a few prominent examples. The first is unanimously known as the "coughing video."
This is a video which lucidly expresses the obvious disdain and contempt that "x-tina" has towards us "lesser mortals." In the video, a certain unknown individual happens to "cough" during a supposed "interview" with this "x-tina." In response to this "cough," it is observed that "x-tina" emits a scoff of utter disgust and repugnance. Then, this "x-tina" replies, and I quote, "coughing, during my interview, really?" Shortly afterwards, "x-tina" attempts to recover by pretending as if this was somehow a "joke," which is patently false. The second example involves the "performance of x-tina" on the today show, I believe. There is an incident in the commencement in which "x-tina" deliberately and unequivocally spits out a piece of gum, merely in order to directly fling it toward the humans in the encompassing audience. This obviously evinces the blatant disregard and hatred that "x-tina" inherently possesses towards those of "inferior position or status," i.e. the human race.
I shouldn't have to further convince others that this entity poses a serious and imminent THREAT and a DANGER to humanity. If further evidence is needed, then simply observe the fact that this entity determinately manifests a thorough knowledge of occult symbols and their attendant powers. These are not simply "ordinary occult symbols," either. These are very potent satanic occult symbols which are utilized in a very subliminal, manipulative, and distorted manner. This is precisely where the differentiation between the "two sides" of this massive conflict MUST be purposely emphasized.
I must unduly clarify this: Occult Power is Neutral. It is only the intention behind this power which is important. In other words, the very same power that this thing, i.e. "x-tina," attempts to use maliciously and destructively against us can, in theory, be used directly against it. I shall cite an example. Take the inverted pentagram (whether within a circumscribed circle or not). Most seem to automatically associate this symbol with "evil" or "satanism," but, in reality, this symbol means absolutely nothing. This is very similar to any such utility. Take a machine gun. I can use it to slaughter hundreds of innocent civilians, or, I could use it to protect them from an analogous danger, such as an invading army or other unknown threat. This is why it is very true and almost enlightening to realize that the power of satanism and the occult CAN BE USED AGAINST this "x-tina." In fact, it can completely and utterly DESTROY and OBLITERATE this fucking plague "x-tina" from the face of this earth. It is, by no means, accidental, for example, that this "x-tina" is suffering from "vocal inadequacies and inefficiencies." It is no accident that the sales of the recently released "bionic album" have failed miserably. It is no accident that the "summer tour" was cancelled.
It is most important to understand that this thing never had a "voice," in the first place. It is also important to KNOW that this thing, i.e. "x-tina" CAN'T SING. This is important because if the illuminati was able to brainwash you to believe any of these SICK LIES, then, in theory, it was rather close to achieving its objectives. However, this is not the current reality, as the illuminati do not have the proper utilities to consummate their failing "enterprise." It is very facile to compare the power of the occult to the power of music. Both are forms of power which can be used for "good" or "evil," however these terms may be construed. I highly suggest that others research the "inner artwork of the bionic album." Within that sickeningly perverse and diseased "album," others will find a selection of very disturbing and appalling "artwork." I should like to attract particular attention to a certain "image" which is nothing less than a cryptic allusion to "baphomet." The similarities are beyond obvious to anyone that is educated in matters of esoteric initiation. This is the image: Christina Aguilera Pictures - 6000+ Christina Pics & Photos - Christina Aguilera Bionic deluxe album booklet/christina aguilera bionic23. Examine how the hands of "x-tina" are fashioned into the shapes of the "sun" and "moon" respectively, exactly as in the "baphomet" portrayal. Secondly, observe the three horns stemming from the "head of x-tina," just as the three horns of "baphomet." Thirdly, observe how the pubic region or vagina of "x-tina" is illuminated or a light source. This is a very sick symbolism in and of itself. It suggests that the "lower or bestial nature" or "lust" is equivalent to "truth" or "enlightenment." This can be easily compared to the pubic region of "baphomet" which features two serpents intertwined around a phallus. This is a similar allusion to "enlightenment" or the "knowledge of good and evil." It is no accident that "x-tina" promotes, endorses, and advocates "bisexuality" or the "duality of sexuality."
Essentially, all of the above is involved in a "luciferian world-view." However, it must be noted that these luciferians or satanists or illuminists do not broadcast or proclaim their true nature in an open or candid manner. On the contrary, they are, by their very nature, EVIL, so therefore, they only exhibit their true nature in a very subtle and obscure manner. I should also emphasize very strongly that these are NOT ORDINARY PEOPLE. This "x-tina" thing is not the bystander on the street or someone that others might converse with on a casual basis. I am assuming that anyone else should be aware of this, but consider and understand the precise nature of what we are discussing here. This "x-tina" slave, robot, or thing has access to $60 million+ and this is highly significant, because it is referred to as economic and political power. Most civilians will never even remotely approach $1 million in net worth during an entire lifetime. It is common for others to assume that the aforementioned "economic and political power equivalent in dollars" is purely relative. They assume that it is attributable to some sort of "amalgam" of record sales, concert tickets, merchandising revenue, etc.. This is not even close to the reality.
The truth of the matter may seem very difficult to believe, if not impossible, but it is still, nonetheless, valid. The fact is that this "x-tina" has, quite literally, zero value, because it is, technically, not even a "human being." It may be true, of course, that it was something of a "human being" as a "child," or in other words, prior to the mk monarch programming and the satanic ritual abuse. However, this is both argumentative and academic. It is also a fact that just as this entity has zero net worth, it also has no "real residence in LA." This is basically no different from any other illuminati front organization. Secondly, this "x-tina" NEVER had a "baby." This is also intentional fabrication and, more importantly, a deception which has been used to convince others that "x-tina" is somehow "relevant" or "believable." The illuminati want the mass population to believe that "x-tina" is somehow a "real human." Nothing could possibly be further from the reality.
I almost forgot about the alleged "Jew retard douchebag" that is supposedly the "husband of x-tina." The reality is that this fucking ugly ass freak is nothing but a henchman, no different from any other commonplace illuminati handler. Many others have already noted this on previous occasions. The future itinerary of this "relationship" is almost predictable in the the sense that "x-tina" will separate from this fucking "Jew dufus" in the near future. The nonsensical bullshit about how "x-tina is so 'in love'" is complete BULLSHIT. In fact, "x-tina" has never been "in love" because "x-tina" is nothing but a programmed monarch robot. In other words, this thing only performs various "roles" according to the task at hand.
In conclusion, I must strongly encourage any possible recipients of this information to do whatever is humanly possible to DESTROY and ERADICATE this thing or entity referred to as "x-tina." It is a serious THREAT and a DANGER to our sovereignty and future, and IT MUST BE STOPPED. Thank You

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