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Default Re: Does schooling do what we think? NO!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Sorry to butt in but I just had to say this about the education system.

It is a monolithic phenomena created by a government and is just as useful as Nazism and Stalinism was as far as teaching people to think for themselves.

At least half of what they teach is completely and utterly wrong anyway and just pure dogma.

It is also part of a self-sustaining system which goes all the way up to university level and professorship. Anyone who questions the academic status quo is automatically failed.

The education system as it stands in our supposedly democratic societies would do just as well in Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany.

If there was any question of the government using Mind Control then the education system is the first place to look.
There isn't any DOUBT that Mind Control is deployed in various ways, shapes and forms within many institutions, industries, etc. which affects the population at large (i.e., social engineering).

I would; however, advise that your use of the word "government" in describing those who MIND CONTROL the population as inappropriate.

It is not a "government" who controls the world.

A government is to be described as for the people; of the people and by the people.

Those who deploy mind control upon the masses are none of the above.

Therefore, they can be described as a criminal organization and not a government.

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