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Default Re: CONFIRMED: Hunter Thompson WAS To Xpose 9/11WTC Explosives And PedophileSexRings

Explosives were obviously used to bring the buildings down.

It is self evident and only the most deluded could bring an argument against it.

The free fall is the giveaway.

I often tell people..."use your own brain and imagination".

Imagine all those HUGE beams. Solid steel! Actually imagine 'hugging' those huge steel girders.

A piddly "kerosine" fire (jets use low volatility kerosine). A lightweight, hollow aircraft with only 2 DENSE engines to do REAL damage.

And then the EFFORTLESS freefall? Does anyone honestly believe ALL those steel support structures snapped instantly with NO resistence?

You have to give it to the Elite. I would'nt have the balls to even try pulling it off. When you look at the evidence it was such an AMATURE adventure.

And yet...when I saw those buildings fall I straight away thought explosives. Then I "self corrected" could they do that? How did they get the explosives in the building undetected? No, it must be how they say.

A year later and it was becoming clear and obvious.

The peasants cant believe there government would do this. Their ENTIRE way of living and seeing the world is destroyed. Their 'paradigm', the foundation of their house is shattered and they have to build another one away from the shifting sands.

Learning to live with doubt and uncertainty is the key.

People seperated from each other with no REAL relationship with God which would sustain them in times like these simply dont have the mental reserves to build another world view.

Circumstances may pull down their shaky houses regardless.
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