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Default Re: Does schooling do what we think? NO!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Well fine BlueAngel.

However you forgot to specify what exactly it was you had a problem with.
I did not forget to specify exactly what it is that I have a problem with regarding your post.

The excerpt I provided from your comment was explicity clear as to that which I have a problem with regarding your comment.

Further, to say that mind control is socially accepted and benign is ridiculous.

When a society, at large, or an individual is subjected to "mind control," they are unaware.

Hence, the words "mind control."

Therefore, they do not accept it.

Their minds are being controlled void of "free will."

Furthermore, mind control is not benign.

It is a dis-ease that affects all of humankind.

You can thank the MIND CONTROLLERS for that.

They've worked long and hard to keep everyone under their spell.

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