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Default Re: CONFIRMED: Hunter Thompson WAS To Xpose 9/11WTC Explosives And PedophileSexRings

truebeliever wrote:
I doubt there was anyone on the aircraft BA.

I dont buy for ONE single SOLITARY second the POD or explosives stuff.

I know explosives (mining). There were NO explosives on those aircraft. Period. can make your own undetectable poisens. God knows what the government agencies have. In part, obvious suicide/assassination is about sending a message.

I think alot of these assassinations are the work of Israel.

I dont fear the U.S or Oz government but I do fear nutter Zionist hit squads.

And they are NUTTERS.

Are you saying you don't believe there were any passengers in the aircraft???

I've heard this theory before and it would support my thinking that rather than risking survivors for whatever reason this may have posed a threat to them, the jets would have to be empty and remote controlled from the ground. I mean, this technology was being tested decades ago and they sit on technology for years before they introduce it to the public or better yet sit on secret technology that they use against us.

Either way, the buildings came down like a controlled detonation and the jets had to hit their mark/target with precision in order for the detonation to take place.

Zionist hit squads are brutal. However, please explain why you don't fear the U.S. or OZ government.

How can you not fear the US government??????

I believe the US government is controlled in large part by Zionists.

As they said, "The Jews will rule the world someday."

Sorry, but I don't know what the OZ government is. For me it would mean the mind control demons; CIA (doctors, scientists, drug companies, military, etc.)

The whole LOT!!
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