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Default Re: A WARNING TO ALL..

read this carfully
i know whats going on.. they leegaly kidnap people for slave laBOR
who ever it is they select. they set him or her up be creating somthing and make the victom think they are the cause of it. what ever it may be. other exampoles are. you get pulld over for a speeding tgicket even when you was not speeding. and then your license shows its a fake when it realy is not. they ask you to step out of the car. then they twist your arm while puting the cuffs on you so that you pull away from the pain.. then that is used to charge you with resisting arrest. every thing they accused you of is a lie.. so then you pay your bond then in court the defender says to the judge that you say your not guility in anything at all. and suggest that you be put in a mental detention for 10 days evaluation. but you dont go there. you go to a labor camp. where they work you so hard your to tired to escape. if they need you longer then the 10 days they tell the court that you had a brake down and had to be put on medican.. till notified.. if they dont need you no more. they send you back to the mental detention holding ward and put you on intense shock treetment and reprogram your memory. you wont remember the labor camp. and if you dont forget them make you forget for good. other wise they send you back to couert to say your sane and have to pay a fine then you can go home.
there are a lot of people in wards that dont remember somthing..
ask blue angel
lol i just had to put that in
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