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Hi Shooting Star, welcome to the forum.

In Conspiracy theories it is difficult to separate the good guys from the bad guys, there is a way to look for secret society involvement, however they both use the same is difficult to know, so please don't get alarmed over what i show for Tunisia, also during the 19th century the stronger nations tried to suck all resources from Africa, that is deemed as wrong in our era.

The Hermetic or ancient Egyptian religion is used in a power play that is used by the good and the bad....sometimes i have no idea who is who!

This secret religion can be noticed by the star alignments used in astronomy to Alnilam, Belt Of Orion/Osiris or Sirius/Isis.....this signature can be at the modern start of the day, Midnight, Sunrise being the ancient Egyptian start of the day, or sunset being the ancient Greek start of the day, that Israel uses.

Tunisia gained its independence from France on 20th March 1956, link below:-

Tunisia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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