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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

It is this act by Japan that brought both America and the Land of the Rising Sun into the Second World War....the day was chosen to align to the stars!

Actually on 7th Dec 1941 at the location of Pearl Harbour, Japan chose another the Sun rose in the East, Alnilam set in the West along the horizon....Jupiter, loved by all secret societies also was setting in the West!

Much of the Pacific Fleet of America went to the bottom of the bay, with many lives lost.....i can see why they were angry, but religious symbolism in wwar only brings religion into our sick games!

Hawaii had long been considered as American soil, indeed at a later date Hawaii jioned the United States of America.....America waited till they had a battle on Japanese soil to give pay back!

The last land battle to happen before dropping the atomic bomb was on Japanese soil, being The Battle of Okinawa, that we will look at in the next thread section.

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