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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

Because of Western Influence, the Meiji Constitution was put in place in Tokyo on 29th November 1890, sunrise was chosen to align the Land of the Rising Sun to the is the same alignment used in the attack on Pearl Harbour, As the Sun rose at 06:34:44am in Tokyo, Alnilam/Belt of Orion/Osiris was setting along the horizon in the West!

Please note as the Sun rose in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 4th July 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, the Sun rose with Alnilam!

This thread over Tunisia may interest:-

The Meiji Constitution link is below:-

Meiji Constitution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Astronomy picture showing sunrise in Tokyo below, red line is the horizon, please click on attachment, when image appears, please left click on image to make clearer and larger.
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