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Default Re: see if you can proove me wrong i dare you

Hinckley arrived in Washington D.C. on Sunday 29th March 1981, the next day he noticed President Reagan's schedule in the Washington Star, and decided to make his move.

I don't agree with this as there seems to be some sort of secret society planning, the day was marked by ancient Greek style at sunset.

The Sun set on 29th March 1981 in Washington D.C. at 18:24:28pm, while Sirius was culminating straight up from South, being the centre of the sky....secret societies make these alignments to correspond with a special date!

There are numerous connections between Bush and Hinckley, George Bush SNR. called Reagans ideas "Voodoo Economics before becoming Vice President, while challenging Reagan in the Presidential Primaries.....perhaps he tried a bit of voodoo himself, after all he was a member of skull and bones!
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