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Now there can be bleed over to the next day with alignments, as secret societies use a four minute margin or 1 degree with Alnilam and Sirius, and they mark the day at sunset, sunrise or midnight on one of the four directions.

An example would be the "Pentagon's Groundbreaking Ceremony on 11th September" that by ancient rules would have to be after sunset on 11th September, as usaully this applies to the 12th September.

There is bleed over using a four minute margin to the 12th September 1993 at sunset being 19:16:40pm in Washington, This type of day marking comes from ancient Greece, that used sunset as the start of the day....but for 13th September 1993.

When we look at the Nadir, straight down from North on an astronomy programme we find it cuts through Alnilam/Belt of Orion.....thus this agreement was aligned to hermetic philosophy.

When we look at New York, the alignment happened at sunset on 10th September 2001, thus marking the next day!
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