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Default Re: ID cards- another State power grab

Hi there David Brent! (I've just recently discovered the joys of "the office". Love it.

Went up to Tokyo for a week, and have just been a bit to busy to screw around on the net. Not abducted yet...

The vibe over here. Well, basically there's a big hoo-ha going on about that Japanese mercenary who disappeared the other day, and as such, Iraq is looking even more "scary" than it has in the past. The China situation seems to have died down for the time being, having fulfilled its purpose of distracting the populace while the governments of both countries were probably up to something sneaky.

Couldn't believe the cashless push going on in Tokyo. Lots of shops now have a facility for the Suica cashless train ticket and purchase system, and according to some vacant staff, it's quite popular. Plus there's plenty of cashless vending machines set up around the trendy parts of downtown Tokyo, as well as at the airports in Tokyo and Osaka. Many of them are using Sony's Edy system,, attached to mobil e phones and plastic cards. Adding to that the frequent advertorials posing as news on TV.

Otherwise things are going well. Just looking forward to cricket on Sunday.
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