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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Some person or agency deleted my post on the 'Human Experimentation' thread under 'Science' (posted on 17 or 18 July 2010).

Was this a case of Big Brother intervening to cover an electronic harassment campaign?

I also wonder if the persons involved left any electronic fingerprints?
This is what I can tell you about your post regarding electronic harrassment, Gale.

I know it was there.

I replied to it and then before my very eyes it was gone and what was left was a message that BlueAngel deleted your post.

Not so, Gale.

Since I am being electronically harrassed and have made it known, I would never delete information regarding this subject.

I tried to restore your post, but was unsuccessful.

It's as if it vaporized into thin air.

Please see the "Human Experimentation" thread for more information as to what transpired two evening ago.

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