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Default Re: Human Experimentation

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
This is the gist of my missing reply:

Fine work BlueAngel.

The government may be using miscreants or anyone who holds views it happens to disagree with, as human guinea pigs in this experimentation. Indeed anyone on this forum could potentially become a victim.

The experimentation in question is designed to be virtually undetectable.

The technologies the government can use are Extremely Low Frequency radiowaves (ELF) which operate at the same frequency as brainwaves and can alter your mood inducing feelings of intense anger or depression. Infrasound which operates at a frequency below human hearing and which can be used to transmit inaudible subliminal messages which are 'felt' rather than heard. And microwaves which are pulsed at the same frequency as sound and which uses the human skull as a sound box so as to transmit sounds or voices straight into the victim's head. The latter is potentially extremely effective when used to transmit subliminal commands into the head of an isolated subject while he or she is sleeping.

I myself suspect I am being targeted by pulsed infrasound which takes the form of 'bumps' which you can feel and these disturb your peace of mind and can also cause you to lose half a night's sleep.

I am certain I am not just imaging this and I have contacted my local housing group about the matter. Having your home professionally swept can cost thousands and there is no guarantee they will actually find anything.

The best weapon to use against these harassers is exposure.
Thank you for reposting the gist of what you previously wrote.

I responded to your original comment and, before my very eyes, your post disappeared and what was left was a message that BlueAngel deleted your post.

Not so, Gale.

I undeleted your post, which I am able to do as a MODERATOR, but your words were gone as if they vaporized into thin air and what is left of your post is a comment by me that reads, "So, Gale."

My comment to your post is also MISSING.

Since I have made it known on this forum over and over again that I am being electronically harrassed, I would be the last person to delete the information you posted regarding this matter.

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