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Default Re: Hi, I'm Jane Doe and I'm dead.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I respond to people with a quotation of their text or the use of a pronoun, or name addressing the individual. Your ego wanted me to respond to you, yet my next post wasn't a reply. My post was basically a creative, random link of random solutions to random problems.

You are not random. You are very special and needy.

I prefer this thread to be a conversation between noone.

I will suit myself on this thread.

I am very SPECIAL, in deed, but you would be the needy one.

My ego didn't want anything from you.

You posted a comment to me which included a statement that I had a break-thru.

I inquired as to what break-thru you determined I had and you answered with some random BS.

Your comment was addressed to me as you quoted me.


I think the issue is more about your ego and not mine.

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