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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

Hello, newbie here. I like to think I'm picking up where I left off on the last conspiracy forum that has since disappered into thin air.

It all began about 3 months ago when someone sent me an Alex Jones video. I had no idea what the Bilderburgs, NWO, or FEMA was all about.
In a post on this thread, someone was called a DBSD. Basically a paraniod Christian person. I and definately NOT religious at all. Paranoid maybe.

I'd like some feed back on this subject. Does anyone else out there have concerns about the NWO, FEMA and the direction everything is going? I am convinced that 9-11 was a false flag. Kind of obvious at this point. I see many suggestions that another false flag is on the way and very soon.

It's all getting a little scarry. Jim
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