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Default Re: Human Experimentation

I had a thought as to how we could confirm or dismiss the chemtrails hypothesis. Since my Citation can easily outrun any jetliner, we could rig up a sample filter system on the fuselage of the aircraft, catch up to a airliner that is making trails while it is in class E airspace. and grab a sample. We would have to maintain separation of course, but since the hypothesized substance is supposed to persist down to ground level, this shouldnt be a problem. On a day with the right conditions, we should be able to get right in the plume.

So, I would need a believer to fly along and confirm that no tampering was done with the sample, a spectrograph at a site also trusted by the believer, and someone to tell me how the filter should be designed (what size is the chemical we are looking for). It would be a little expensive, but also totally cool.

On a side note....why to they make chemtrails over sparsely populated areas? Seems like a waste of spray.
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