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Default Re: Human Experimentation

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Gale said:

I myself suspect I am being targeted by pulsed infrasound which takes the form of 'bumps' which you can feel and these disturb your peace of mind and can also cause you to lose half a night's sleep.

I am certain I am not just imaging this and I have contacted my local housing group about the matter. Having your home professionally swept can cost thousands and there is no guarantee they will actually find anything.


So, Gale, when you contacted your LOCAL HOUSING GROUP about being targeted by pulsed infrasound which takes the form of "bumps" which you can feel and disturbs your peace of mind and night's sleep, how did they respond?


Thank you.
Well, because I live in a newly built home the property is covered by a twelve month defects period and I complained about the issue (rather craftily) as a possible defects issue.

The housing group is the company that financed the building of the home and from whom I purchased it.

I strongly suspect a chronically creaking floor in the bathroom. It is usual that such infrasound equipment is hidden somewhere within the target's home and where better to put it but under the floor?

The creaking floor will have to be sorted out as a defects issue anyway. But so far the company has been dragging its feet about fixing the problem.

When I raised the issue of infrasound the housing group were entirely reasonable as I had left it open that there might be a number of other explanations available other than harassment.

At the last place I lived, which was a flat, I experienced the exact same problem only it was accompanied by a chronic sound insulation issue coming from the flat below. It was so bad you could hear literally everything, phones ringing, people talking.

I believe the sound from the flat below was being amplified and on two occasions I heard the definite sound of electronic feedback after a particularly loud bang or other noise had been generated by the people below. And I doubt somehow that the people below were using a PA system at the time.

I have also had to put up with nuisance phone calls and scratches and dents appearing on my car and a snapped car aerial.
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