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Default Re: Official Silence About Free Energy

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Thank you for blinding us with scientific detail once more.

However you forgot to tell us where the energy ultimately comes from on a molecular level for the Law of Conservation of Energy to apply.

If you can't then the energy must be 'free'.
Actually, I did. I am sorry, but if you cant read a few paragraphs, you will never understand complex ideas. THe simple, and wildly incomplete answer is, that it is the asymmetrical intermolecular attraction that occurs at the surface of the liquid. In water, the hydrogen atoms are always trying to bond to the oxygen atoms in other molecules. Because it is already firmly bonded to its own oxygen molecule, there is not enough energy to actually bond, but there is enough for a fairly strong attractive force to exist. Your definition of "free" energy seems to me to be a bit skewed. As I said, you could theoretically use this as a very small energy source (ever put a drop of soap on a toothpick and watch it move on the surface of calm water?) but that is about the only application for it.

Hope that was simple enough for you.
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