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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Peace be upon you Yeoshua,

I for one believe you are a sincere worshipper of the one god alone. There is a strong tendency in us to put the people in one basket, to generalize and condemn a stereotype. Many of the conspiracy writers fell in that trap, they are not better than the Germans who condemned ALL Jews or now the American patriots who condemn ALL muslims.

God commands us to be ABSOLUTELY sure before condemning anyone, for even among the satanists there must be some innocent victims .

My perception of freemasonry so far is that it has some roots in Solomon's era, at some point it went underground because of the persecution and to this day they maintained the secrecy and ofcourse as any other religion alot of injections were added.

However anyone who believes in God alone, in all His messengers as well as the Judgment day will surely be redeemed.

Just ignore the ignorant.

P.s: Yes i mean you TB.
God\'s alternative, USN

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