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Default Re: Hi, I'm Jane Doe and I'm dead.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Then perhaps, since you Blue Angel, enjoy chatting so much on this thread titled, JANE DOE yada yada, should start a "chatting and spatting" thread for yourself.

btw, Do you have a recipe for pork tenderloin?
Are you inferring that because this thread is titled, "Hi, I'm Jane Doe and I'm dead," that only YOU are entitled to post on it?

If so, please be informed that you don't own this thread and anyone can post on it.

BTW, your thread is not enjoyable for anyone other than yourself and, further, it is insignificant as far as the subject matter of this forum is concerned.

In fact, now that I think about it, I should delete it.

I have no intention of starting a thread as you have wherein I desire to only chat and spat with my dead self, cause I ain't dead, but you are.

I don't have a recipe for pork tenderloin, but I do have a recipe for Chicken Paprika.

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