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Default Re: But what is the time line?

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I think mankind is massacring the god imagined. And with a pendulum process of advancement, we will never advance. Only earth will survive. The way for humankind to survive is to re-adopt the method of seasons. Create, nurture, allow and let forward; create, nurture, allow and let forward.

Man was never kicked out of the garden. Mankind refused to see the garden was fence-free.
There is no other GOD than a GOD "imagined" for we cannot see, feel, smell, touch or hear him.

He is not of our five senses.

Therefore, he is IMAGINED.

Mankind is not responsible for the massacring of GOD imagined.

Organized religion, to a certain degree, is to blame for the massacring of Mankind through their tactics of division of people due to their varying beliefs as to what they interpret as GOD's LAW.

I should remind each and every one of you that GOD's LAW is not about our differences, but about our likenesses.

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