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Default Re: Human Experimentation

While we're talking about harassment with infrasound, noise generation and petty vandalism to a car, another couple of instances come to mind that I initially forgot about.

Investigating a slow leak in a rear tyre on my car a nail was discovered embedded in the tread at an exact right-angle.

I reported this to the police who came out to look at the tyre. However they claimed that this could have happened by accident and that the nail was simply picked up off the road when I drove over it.

But this is so unlikely. For this to have happened the front tyre would need to have picked the nail up off the road at just the right angle for it to penetrate the rear to tyre. However the nail wasn't even bent or scuffed an anyway and what is the probability of it going in at an exact right-angle?

However the police claimed that they 'see this type of thing all the time'.

I also discovered that the bottom of a swing bin had become filled with a significant quantity of undiluted washing-up liquid and the previously full washing-up bottle now looked considerably less full than it did before.

Assuming that a neighbour with a grudge had possibly done this using a spare key, I reported this to the police as well, however nothing ever came of it.
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