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Default Re: "The Pentagons New Map"...Lays It ALL Out...

Here it is people!

The ESSENCE of the New World Order!

Forget Occult Owl Worship, Elite paedophile rings, Satan is your TRUE, died in the wool "Luciferian".

Thomas Barnett.

A man so in love with his own intellect he even makes up NEW terms for old scams...

New Rule-set Project aka...New World Order.

We work collaboratively and strategically with our clients to develop groundbreaking ways of thinking about and creating desired futures. aka...subverting and destroying thousands of years of built up civilization which gets in the way of Elite ends. Working together on a global scale.

We help our clients discover the set of rules that enable or impede them accross organizational sectors and geographical bounderies. aka...identify enemy---->recalcitrent natives who think they have a say in their lives... Kill, kill, kill, kill, bomb destroy...

I prefer the old fascists/imperialists...old school. Sort of like new money versus old money.

This new bunch of monkey's are so arrogant it's scary.

I hope Thomas Barnett is one day brought before a court. Found guilty of fostering crimes against humanity and hung by the neck until dead...literally. He and his ilk need to be removed from positions of power and influence as soon as possible. He'd take the world to war just to be right.

This man is PURE EVIL...and not a horned demon in sight.

I will not be surprised to hear that he's suffered a major nervous breakdown or committed suicide. I bet he dreams of flying in hot air balloons.

The guy is actually whacky, completely whacky. I read his site and cant decide whether to laugh or cry. Such evil in such banal words to describe the old will to power.

BTW...if you want to watch "The Pentagons New Map" you cant unless you buy it.

It is NOWHERE to be found on the web.

I sincerely believe "they've" pulled it from easy view and hope to keep it "in house" by people being detered from buying it unless they are part of the same class.

It says too much and is in fact probably a little embarrising to "them". The guy is weird.

If you see it anywhere please drop me a line.
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