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Default Re: Our Truebeliever walking the talk

Originally Posted by 55132 View Post
You would not remember you where not part of this forum. You where probobly still in troll school

i can't imagine how someone can post over five thousand post and say so little.
This site has surly gone down hill.

moderator? Guess it was you or nobody

I am familiar with truebeliever and YOU as I was a member of this forum when both of you posted here regularly.

My membership dates back to 2005.

The reason you can't imagine how anyone could post over five thousand posts and say so little is because I haven't said so little.

This site is up hill all the way.


I'm the moderator.

It wasn't me or nobody else.

It was ME.


If it wasn't me, it would have been somebody else, but, certainly not you.

I'm not a troll.

I'm a moderator.

Moderators aren't trolls.

Members who suggest that moderators are trolls are usually trolls.

There isn't anyone on this forum, at present, who was here when true believer was other than myself and you, so, to start a thread about OUR Truebeliever doesn't apply.

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