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Default Mason/Nazi alliance?

Hello everyone, im new to the forum and so far this seems like an interesting site. The reason I joined was to try to find some answers about some engravings i saw the other day in Munich Germany. Theres an apartment building in a quiet residential area that has some very interesting masonic/ Nazi engravings above the doors of the building. There were probably 30-35 engravings total and I regret to say that I did not take pictures of all of them, but i could go back and take them if anyone has an interest. I was always led to believe that the Masons and the Nazis were enemies, but the engravings on this building tell a different story. Let me know what you guys think.

the first one is of some masonic tools

next is of a box with a lock on it with hands offering money

this one shows the masonic square and compass

Then the pics start to get a little strange, here is one of a handshake with a swastica in the backround with a date of 1933

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