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Hi Blue Angel and Kerry,

Sorry i've been off writing on other forums, i thought the code i show may become more clear when shown from an astrological perpective, the reason England isn't in dispute with India is that they gained independence, and the row that developed was internal that resulted in the independence of Pakistan, however early political ideas to create Israel is an on going problem that still exists today.

The Early political scene in London and connections around 1890 are clear to see by this thread on another forum where i write, if a few links don't work, i give an alternative, in all it is very informative, and shows what J. K. Rowling was really writing about in the Harry Potter Books, i hope Blue Angel doesn't mind a link to another forum, my thread name is the same "monk!.

There are three pages, please look to change page at bottom of page on the right:-

Evolutionary Astrology Forum • View topic - The Esoteric Genesis of the U.K Labour Party, and India

We're off to see the wizard ha ha!

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