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Default Re: Official Silence About Free Energy

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
You haven't researched the posts between Blue Angel and myself. I used the term "in deed" after Blue Angel.

I have also used the term "2 characters" because I tried to erase my post and the notations required me to write 2 characters.

Blue Angel, do you have the copywrite for "whatever" same as "huh?", copywrite Blue Angel.

I do have the copywrite for "whatever" and "huh."

There isn't any research required between our posts, Jane Doe, in order to come to any conclusion regarding your use of the words "in deed" whether you used them after me or not.

The communication between YOU and I is irrelevant.

(i.e., it reveals nothing).

As I advised Gale, don't attempt to point YOUR finger at me for that which clearly belongs to you.

You used the words, "in deed."

I didn't.

Again, another deflector.

The same as Gale.

Please explain your statement that you used the words "in deed" after BlueAngel.

Can't wait for this one.

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