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Touchy touchy.
Good research in tracking down the websites.
I agree that the spells are lame. I didn't have enough time to find darker ones. But, you should get my drift that the lingo is used in spells. That was my point.
As far as there being an inner circle, there is one. But, you don't have to believe me. Did you seek out membership, or were you approached? If you sought it out, you're already out of the loop. I've already detailed in another post how these secret lodges are family affairs and are elite in social status. They look for young upstarts with the right background, approach them by inviting them to a dinner at an exclusive private club or something, and then show how monetarily prosperous the network can be.
Trying to argue that this doesn't go on is like saying that the P2 Lodge didn't exist. Lodges like that have members in listed lodges, as well. That's where the whole thing becomes tainted.
Keep an open mind and do some studying into it, instead of going along with the party line of your peers. I'm always doing the same thing with what I'm involved in.
Don't automatically dismiss information that might come in direct opposition of what you believe is true. You obviously have intelligence, and your lack of trust in the media shows that you are willing to not necessarily believe what you're spoon-fed.
Next time, don't feel compelled to edit your post three times. I'm a big boy with a strong back, I doubt you could hurt my feelings.
Take care. And, I mean that most sincerely.
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