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Default Re: Official Silence About Free Energy

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Points are noted.

However, since YOU are the MEMBER of CC who, on this thread, accused Jane Doe of using NLP, you are RESPONSIBLE for explaining why you are under the impression that Jane Doe's repetition of the words, "in deed," suggested to YOU that she was using NLP; what NLP is and why you believe that NLP is not a GOOD thing.

I would like to remind you that YOU are the person who interjected the subject of NLP in this thread.

Therefore, I suggest you remind yourself that NLP isn't what this thread is about and that you should refrain, in the future, from commenting about another subject matter on a thread which does not include that matter, if you do not desire a discussion about that subject matter to ensue.
Just to let you know BlueAngel, I happened to see an excerpt of "The X-Files Movie" recently where Fox Mulder questions a contact and asks him if he has been involved in "kiddie porn".

Didn't you accuse me of being involved in the production and distribution of child pornography on the basis that I had used the expression "kiddie porn" which is a term that only insiders of the industry use?

So presumably the script writer of The X-Files must be involved in child pornography himself?

I think not however.

Bad luck BlueAngel but nice try though.
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