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Default Re: Official Silence About Free Energy

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Just to let you know BlueAngel, I happened to see an excerpt of "The X-Files Movie" recently where Fox Mulder questions a contact and asks him if he has been involved in "kiddie porn".

Didn't you accuse me of being involved in the production and distribution of child pornography on the basis that I had used the expression "kiddie porn" which is a term that only insiders of the industry use?

So presumably the script writer of The X-Files must be involved in child pornography himself?

I think not however.

Bad luck BlueAngel but nice try though.
I NEVER accused you of being involved in kiddie porn.

Get your facts straight before you accuse another of accusing you of something of which they did not accuse you.

Bad luck, Gale, but nice try.

P.S. Need I remind you that you, yourself, have again strayed from the topic of this thread.

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