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Hi Blue Angel,

I think i must come to your rescue here as moderator, by leaving a link that brings members around in a circle, you must be thinking that by your link to a "think tank", that members will pick up that under history it mentions the Fabian Society, which is the basis of my report about "The Esoteric Genesis of the U.K. Labour Party and India" link that i left on a earlier thread section, that shows the members were also members of the Golden Dawn, and co-freemasonry etc etc.

One of the most famous members of The Warburg Institute was Dame Frances Yates who wrote books about Rosicrucian influence in our culture.

Rosicrucian Enlightenment by Frances A. Yates, Frances Amelia Yates and Frances Amelia Yates (9780415267694) | Borders

These type of books did bring the spotlight on The Warburg which they didn't like, so they are more careful with publications now.
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