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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Right, JIMBO, they weren't conducting exercises on 511.

Thanks for the links. I won't have time to read them all, but what about the Tom Ridge link!?!

The "terror bar," of course, is nothing but a way for them to exert control over the people through the "fear factor."

As far as the "rogue" CIA, well they will
beef-up intelligence whenever an operation is needed but no real legitimate data exists.

They gave bad intelligence to the President as far as his decision to invade Iraq, but it was sold to the people as reliable.

To date, there are no WMD's, Saddam was not an imminent threat of danger to America and Hussein did not harbor Al Qaeda.

The intelligence was BAD.

Even if he did harbor Al Qaeda, he may have been harboring them for Osama bin Laden, a CIA operative.

Funny, the guy is found hiding in a fox hole. Yeah, right?

And, Osama, the guy we really need to catch, is traveling around with a dialysis machine for almost four years now and sending us tapes once in a while to keep the fear factor in place. Damn, he just keeps escaping us.

You know, as long as he's out there, the people will fear him, so they'll keep him out there. He's probably in a safe-house somewhere being cared for by the fascist pigs in this country who use him to do their dirty work for them. The real extremists.

The CIA; however, gave the President some good intelligence regarding the 911 attacks before they happened and he ignored it.

Our President ignored good intelligence and acted on bad intelligence and now thousands of men, women and children are dead and dying, losing limbs and will suffer for the rest of their lives.

Thousands of American soldiers behind closed hospital doors in Germany and the press isn't allowed in.
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