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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

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BlueAngel, we all read the on-line documentaries detailing the fact that there were no links, no WMDs, no smoking anything, except opium in Afghanistan, but yet the agencies were told to manufacture the evidence, otherwise their reports were literally trashed, along w/ the whistle-blowers. Look at all the heads that have resigned, quit, got fired, because of differing opinions, or those journalists that either “committed suicide” or got killed when trying to expose the truth. That’s also mentioned in the letter to the 89 Congressmen, the fact that the Internet community knew all of that which they are now finally, slightly beginning to look at, but 3 years after the fact. That is just too slow for any real effect, if you ask me. It’s nothing but another distraction, another item of hope, that maybe, maybe,... “but, nothing is going to change.”

Also, the 511 incident, what makes you think that it was “real,” specially when it happened exactly at a time when it was needed most to show for one, readiness, & secondly, the fact that all of the other BS, as far as stripping us from our civil liberties, did have a purpose, but a very expensive one. Also, notice how every time they want to change our response & the new laws required, it is always preceded by the “event” that “justifies” the “new rule of law.” Yes it was stupid, but stupid makes it that much more believable. Obviously, it was targeted only for those that needed that extra reassurance they are not being deceived, lied to, or taken for a ride into their own destruction… If anything, it keeps that evaporating (now) minority in the polls for changing their minds & going main-stream w/ the rest of us that are no-longer blind-folded.
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