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Were you approached to join a lodge that isn't listed? I'm not talking about your local yocal labor union #35 worker's lodge.
I can tell you that the fact you're talking about this is proof enough that you were'nt. You'd never even know these guys unless you were tapped. And, I'm guessing that you have no redeeming strategic status about you (neither do I - so don't feel bad). It's an entirely different realm than what you are involved in. These classes have a different, subtle, set of meanings to words when they talk. Most people wouldn't even pick up on it. That's how they're identified. And, I'm not talking about mentioning things like "a widow's son" or "fellow traveler."
It's nothing that is written down or taught conventionally. The ruling class talks differently, and they can sense if they're talking to someone else who "belongs" in their ranks.
Imagine an average person going to an upper class dinner party. In general conversation, that person would be identified immediately as to what they're background might be.
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