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Default Re: proof the antichrist is on earth right now

Originally Posted by outfrom View Post
Hi kerry:

Your post is along the lines of --> where did anything come from nothing AND
nothing or something before.

Whatever is at a "right now" does not go back to 1) in the beginning
2) straight since.

As far as I go everything seems to be "self-inherent".

If the actual "beginning" of anything/everything mattered then it would be
present to the now of things.
By the absence of ... it must not matter.
Life can either live on and on OR go extinct.
Where is ... whatever to do with it be, from beginnings.
Will we be "all one" when it's gone, other than apparently.
(more-so to ourselves (nevermind how))

Already "right now" doesn't go back to "the beginning" of things be.
Already "right now" is going on, from - of anything.

ps: not trying to take a shot at your beliefs.
Respectfully, if there wasn't a beginning to something there wouldn't be anything. How can something come from nothing?

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