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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

BlueAngel is not a spy.

BA is had by the oft referred to "them"/"they" of nameless/faceless

BA is what "they" have there being here this forum
to get at you that step forward saying whatever you do.

BA is not one of the everyday people
that are being directly gone at in this forum.
BA is what "they" have for getting at you.
It's all in the words of anything to one another.

BA is simply a "gaslighter".
Gaslighters make no sense to anyone and just bash out at you
expecting you to be had by them.

Probably pip-squeaks in actual
hiding behind their "fronts" to you
bolstered by what's there
hiding behind the gaslighter
to have their way with you.

BA adheres to nothing
all the while using anything against you
to have you in a submissive way
or a who cares about you affected way.

I used the word "gaslighter" to describe BA (from memory)
however "sociopath" would actually fit better.

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